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cities service vipIn partnership with the Mayor’s Volunteer Initiatives Program, Houston SERVICE (a Cities of Service initiative) and the Mission Continues, the Rock 4 Recovery Music Therapy Program aims to continue the work done on veteran reintegration in the greater Houston area. By partnering with various veteran organizations, we aim to strengthen veteran programming. Currently, there are 117 cities in the Cities of Service coalition that represent over 55 million Americans – the coalition exist to empower citizens to volunteer within their community and a leading call to service has been veteran’s outreach.

Houston Service aims to “enhance the mentoring programs for our returning veterans.” There are those out there that can donate their time. Those that can teach a returning combat veteran music and give to their community at the same time. This also bridges the gap with those that want to help our veterans.      - Mayor Annise D. Parker

warriorWarrior from Fort Polk

Our goal is to partner with every music therapy program, veterans organizations and entertainment industry professionals. We will make them available to our veterans and link them together. With everyone working together we can make a difference and help others move forward.

“Music therapy is the systematic application of music in the treatment of the physiological and psychosocial aspects of an illness or disability. It focuses on the acquisition of nonmusical skills and behaviors, as determined by a board certified music therapist through systematic assessment and treatment planning.“



Paul Delacerda donating a DDrum Snare to a warrior at Fort Bragg

When our veterans return they will be faced with many hardships. Once again they will have to fight - but a very different war.

In the past year alone the number of diagnosed cases in the military jumped 50% and that’s just diagnosed cases.

Studies estimate that 1 in every 5 military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan has PTSD.

20 % of the soldiers who have been deployed in the past 6 years have PTSD. That’s over 300,000.

17% of combat troops are women; 71% of female military personnel develop PTSD due to sexual assault within the ranks.


All the volunteers, teachers and mentors that participate in our program will be dealing with individuals who have been diagnosed PTSD, TBI and various other combat wounds of war. They will be made aware of the physical and psychological dimensions of every type of injury they might encounter.

We will have professional music therapist attend various classes to monitor our progress.